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Online Education

The internet has many advantages, possibly the greatest of which is the ability to transmit large amounts of information very quickly over long distances. Any business owner that has employees working over an area larger than, say, a hundred miles can reap the benefits of educating his or her employees over the internet. In this brief article, I will give a summary of an easy way to accomplish this, as well as some of the potential benefits you can see as a result of online education and training.

Training large groups of employees can be a harrowing task – but doing it over the internet allows you to spend a small amount of time and money for a large end result. Possibly the best way to achieve this is through a simple Java or Flash applet. Say, for example, you need to instruct employees on company policy regarding safety, customer service, or how to perform a certain task. An applet including animations, embedded video, or simply text can be an effective way to instruct employees on any subject. If you so desire, these applets can conclude with a brief quiz or checklist to ensure the employees have absorbed and understood all the information given.

Obviously, the main reason for educating employees online is the amount of time and money you can save doing so. However, it is also persistent – there is no need to create new applets or edit existing ones unless your policy changes, or if there is more information you need to cover. Another obvious advantage is the ability to train employees who are thousands of miles away at any time, without any effort on anyone’s part but the employee’s. The scale of online applications is endless – everyone from a factory floor worker to a business administrator could be trained in any number of functions.

These online applets are relatively easy to make, and can be commissioned from a variety of sources for a low cost. Many companies offer a basic template that can be edited to meet different needs, and thus offer a greater ease of use. In fact, with a programmer or two it would be possible to purchase one template and train an entire company staff (everyone from administrators on down) for the cost of one application, and would require no more time than it took to program the applet. The internet is a force to be taken advantage of, and this is a great way to do so.