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You have only one first impression. Often times, your site will be one of the first things that new customers see. OCFX Inc / Logic Volt Inc will help you make that first impression something that they’ll remember in a positive way for a very long time.
We will ensure that your site conveys the message you intend your visitors to receive by making sure that everything from colors to navigation, imagery to animation, font size to content, effectively communicates your brand and your mission.

When designing your site we think of everything from your brand to your target market. The best designs start by serving the needs of your target audience. We have worked with all sorts of industries ranging political to educational, banking to retail, medical to travel, social networks to film and music. For over a decade we have seen and done it all. And with the aid of modern web technologies we are keeping at the fore front of design, Search Engine Optimization, Web 2.0 enhanced designs, flash, multimedia and much more. So when that extra boost is needed “you got it”.
If you have a new or preexisting site contact us for more information on how we can help you enhance or create your new website.

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