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When OCFX Inc / Logic Volt Inc was founded, we knew it was never destined to be a typical web and software design agency from the very start. The company was incepted with one thought in mind to provide excellent services in both graphic design and application development. The idea was to build a company that can do it all, from hardcore complex programming, to elegant dynamic, fluid, cutting-edge graphic designing. Over a decade later we have worked on everything from web designs to applications development, mobile devices to computer games, animations to interactive CD's and much more. We have done this so all our clients get the best of both worlds (Design / Software Development) under one roof.

We never set out to be a large design and development firm, or one of the most innovative, and coolest software and design firm out there. But we have achieved such great accomplishments and notoriety due to our high grade of work and standards. For us it's about delivering outstanding solutions that are efficient, effective, and drive profit. It's about delivering designs that captivate and capture your audience. Delivering software that solves a problem with ease of use and tailored to the client's needs now and in the future. To accomplish great things you need great people. And we have assembled the best talent taking our global approach we have gathered some of the best designers and programmers in the industry. With offices in USA and Philippines you can rest assure your work will be second to none. We have hired some of the most talented people in the industry and have worked with companies all over the world. Established Fortune 500 companies and Startups, each having a common goal; to meet all their needs efficiently, effectively, promptly and on budget. That's who we are and what we do each and every single day.

The philosophy we live by? Exceed all customer expectations no matter the budget or timeline.
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